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Success Stories

To the staff at Park Place:

I was at the point of death before coming here. The hearts, the involvement and compassion that I see from all of you provide me with a new feeling of joy. I give thanks to God for carrying me on the path to receive from y’all the education & tools to again live life productively clean. If I don’t do anything else in this life, I at least want to give someone else, if only one other lost & addicted person, the same interest and positive care which may help them as y’all have, & will continue to give to me. To participate in this program was a great blessing and gives me a fabulous new beginning. I am grateful to all of you for the positive and encouraging support. You’ve tolerated the good, bad & ugly with me and you’re still here . . . Today I will continue to carry the gifts I have received and the blessing to come in my heart forever!

Thank you and much love!



To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to thank Park Place Behavioral for all the help and support everyone has provided me during this last year. I have received individual as well as group counseling and support, which has helped me overcome many of my problems with depression. I would like to thank Iris Ramirez for the help and guidence she has provided me. I would also like to especially thank Norrman Urena, for giving me the tools to continue moving forward and allowing me to realize that no matter how difficult things may appear at the moment, if you continue moving forward anything’s possible.

I have returned to school to finish what I once started, my bachelor’s in education, so I may continue adding to my tool box and ultimately create a better life for me and my family. The counseling and help I have received from Park Place is helping me to cope with all the daily obstacles life throws my way.

My goal is to complete my bachelor’s and begin a Master’s degree in Human Resources, continuing my meds and continuing to press moving forward.

Once again, “Thank You” for helping me get back on track.


Dalia: “Park Place Behavioral Health Care has been very supportive. It has helped me obtain a more oriented behavior and also learn to trust people. God bless PPBH for bringing me where I am right now.”


Donna: “I have learned how to enjoy life without the use of drugs. The staff at Park Place is concerned and cares.”


Bill: “I have obtained anger management and also have learned to maintain a healthier attitude.”


Martha: “I survive day by day with the support of the program, my fellow friends, and the knowledge that I receive in the treatment.”


Antonio: “I learned many ways to deal with and cope with stress and anxiety. Park Place is one of the best programs I have ever attended.”


Friday, November 11, 2011

It took me three hospitalizations at Park Place Behavioral Health Care’s Crisis Unit to realize that my own life and welfare was in serious trouble. After many years of suffering and uncertainty, with family support, I decided to change my ways and get professional help.

I am Eduardo G. Fernández Bou, a bipolar and major depression diagnosed patient. At Park Place Behavioral Health Care I found hope, humane care, and all the support needed to overcome and take control of my life and recover the will to live.

The whole process started at the crisis unit, where all the personnel: counselors, nurses, and psychiatrists worked together to get me stabilized. Immediately after the stabilization process, I was referred to individual therapy where Mrs. Wilma Rocafort helped and guide me through a recovery plan, guiding me, and helping me to achieve my immediate goal towards recovery.

My Recovery Plan included attending the Psycho-Social Rehabilitation (PSR) Program. This program consists of group therapy, to complement individual therapy, and professional psychiatric care. I was assigned to Norma Ureña, professional therapist, who helped me design a treatment plan to follow.

I have been attending group therapies where we discuss different topics and a variety of activities which have helped me greatly towards recovery. When we begun group therapies I was a person who did not socialized much, I was on the defensive end and had no control over my condition. Group and individual therapies has done what I thought I would never achieve: been able to regain control over my condition.

At this moment my group and individual therapist is Norma Ureña. I am grateful to Norma, because she has done everything possible to guide me   through this process.  I have great empathy with Norma product of the great effort she has put into helping me achieve my goals one step at a time. Now I have reasons to live and goals to fulfill, starting with returning to University where I am pursuing a Masters Degree in Accounting. I am grateful to all the personnel at Park Place Behavioral Health, for all they do to help persons like me to be better persons in command of their lives.

Eduardo G. Fernández Bou

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