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Board of Directors


The Honorable Stefania Jancewicz

County Judge


Vice Chairperson

Michael Turner

Director of Finance

City of St. Cloud



The Honorable Jon Morgan

Circuit Judge

Osceola County



Captain Brett Dunn

St. Cloud Police Department


Kevin Cole



Brian Marger

Chief Operational Officer

Osceola Regional Medical Center


Steve Ivins

Vice President

Xentury City Development Company


Marcia Tompkins



Sheriff Robert Hansell

Osceola County Sheriff


Laina Crouch

Human Services Director

Osceola County


Chief Fran Ivanski

Kissimmee Police Department


Mark Aanonson

Executive Director

Kissimmee Surgery Center


Linda Goodwin-Nichols

Goodwin Realty & Associates


Anna Pinellas

Osceola County Housing Director


The Honorable Margaret Waller

Circuit Judge

Osceola County


Executive Leadership


James A. Shanks


Mr. Shanks has been with Park Place since 2002, and he has been involved in the health care industry as an Administrator for 43 years.  Under his leadership, we have gone from 100 employees to over 300, and from 15 programs to over 30. He has been an integral part of our growth and strengthening our role in the community.  In 2008, Mr. Shanks was chosen as Osceola County’s Distinguished Community Leader.

“The economic downturn of the last two years has impacted our county as much, or more, than most areas of the state.  This has inflicted additional emotional trauma on people when they are most vulnerable in their ability to access services and pay for them.  At Park Place, we have striven to serve all that come to us for help, regardless of their financial status, or their ability to pay.

“Our Board of Directors, because of their strong commitment to this community, has instructed me to continue this practice as long as we can remain financially stable.  In addition to our willingness to provide these desperately needed services, we have created a benefits specialist office to prepare applications for state benefits on behalf of our indigent clients.  So far, about 40% of our applications have been approved.  This helps us but it also is a tremendous help for our clients, who can now purchase their pharmaceuticals and see other doctors for their medical problems.

“Being the Director of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at this Agency has been the most rewarding work experience of my life. Park Place has given me and our dedicated staff the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of the people of this community. Osceola County is a wonderful community in which to live and work and we are proud of our place in meeting the needs of its citizens.”

James A. Shanks


Richard C. Barlow

Executive Vice President/CFO

Mr. Barlow came on board with Park Place in the year 2000, and he previously had 27 years of leadership experience in the mental health industry. His vision of our Agency’s potential has generated a growth in revenue from $5 Million to $15 Million annually.

“My goal is the process of molding this Agency into a comprehensive mental health delivery system that will meet the needs of the community we serve. Through the leadership of our Board of Directors, loyal staff, local government, and community affiliates, we will continue to pursue that goal in this ever-changing health care environment.”

Richard C. Barlow

Park Place Behavioral Healthcare
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